As Close As It Gets

AE Racing Ltd is committed to providing motorsport enthusiasts with an experience that they will never forget. We have achieved this by using an ultra-realistic motion platform, along with the latest virtual reality headset that is powered and linked to a custom-built PC set up. By connecting these incredible feats of modern technology, we can give you a truly immersive, realistic and exhilarating experience that will make you feel like a professional race car driver!

Immerse yourself into the bespoke VR cockpit with a choice of over 100 vehicles and select one of the most incredible circuits from around the world. Allow your virtual race car to throw you into the back of the seat as you hit the accelerator, shifting your weight as though you really are in the driver’s seat.

Whether you are a novice driver or have a wealth of track experience, there is fun for everyone.


The Simulator Experience 

– Advanced PC-powered virtual reality headset –

– Professional motion platform that delivers three dimensional movements (Pitch + Roll + Yaw/Rear traction) –

 – Force feedback steering wheel –

 – A choice of over 180 cars –

 – Over 60 international circuits –